Main Company Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Management of «Krasny Kotelshchik» company realizes that it is very important to provide its employees with the decent labour conditions, improve their quality of living, create the atmosphere of unity and cohesion in a team. In view of this, the Company pays much attention to support the existing social infrastructure. In the territory of the enterprise the dining room, buffets and medical institutions operate efficiently, employees are provided with discounts for vouchers in children's health and sanatory camps, recreation centers.

There is a separate direction dedicated for organization of cultural-educational and health and fitness work, promoting strengthening of corporate spirit, strengthening of the relations in the team. Within this program Spartakiads games, Health Days, youth meetings onsite, corporate holidays and Open Days are held annually in the Company.

The enterprise gives financial support to veterans according to the plant regulation «On Pensioners Status» and «Оn Social Protection of Veterans». «Krasny Kotelshchik» pays great attention to creation of the single information policy, quickly and efficiently informing its employees about the most significant events. The corporate newspaper, «Megawatt» magazine, wire broadcasting net, Internet- and intranet-websites, developed system of information stands serve for this purpose.